Cybersecurity Consulting

It is no secret that the need for cybersecurity continues to grow as technology progress. But oftentimes, organizations may not have the required skills or resources to invest in security.

Cybersecurity challenges are different for each company. That is why it's important to understand what an organization needs to prioritize for its cybersecurity strategy.

You might think that given the current remote working conditions, cybersecurity could afford to take the back seat. Why? Because employees no longer operate in the office environment. In fact, its quite the opposite. The fact that the workforce operates on a remote working arrangement leaves room for more security loopholes across the organization. Personal devices may not be optimized for security. Communications may not be secure. Employees may disregard safety precautions in the comfort of their homes. Thereby, security needs to be emphasized even further given the current work environment.
Why do businesses need cybersecurity consulting?

Accenture estimates a whopping $5.2 trillion in cybersecurity-related costs within the next 5 years. What this means is that cybersecurity's importance is only continuing to grow. Furthermore, given how ambitious cyberattacks are becoming it should not be surprising. Today it is not just the large corporates that fall victim, but the smaller organizations as well. Infact, certain reports suggest that small and medium scale businesses may be a bigger target for cyberattacks.

The CNBC mentions that 43% of online attacks target small businesses. Compared to the big corporates, a cyberattack to these companies may be dire. After all, the cost of a cyberattack far extends the damage of the attack itself. When you factor in the effect on a company's brand value and good will, investigation expenses, legal fees, etc. the costs may be too high a price to pay.

But even so, it is not uncommon to see businesses downplay the importance of cybersecurity. As per Keeper Security's 2019 report, almost 66% of 500 leaders of SMBs believe a cyberattack is unlikely. Essentially, this leads to a lack of planning for cybersecurity across the board. Companies end up without a cyberattack prevention plan or a security policy. Leaders may not even have an idea of where to start with cybersecurity.

The report also states that 73% of SMBs under $1M in revenue believe they are unlikely to face a cyberattack. "We are too small, too new, too unappealing to be targeted" is a sentiment that draws parallel among the general audience as well. It is a unwise notion to think that your digital activities are uninteresting enough for attackers to ignore. In fact, putting your guard down may paint a bigger target on your back.

Therefore, it is vital for businesses to employ cybersecurity consulting services to tackle security. Neither unawareness or unaffordability should stand in the way of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for your business.

What does cybersecurity consultinglook like?

Cybersecurity consulting entails a variety of procedures depending on the business requirements. These consultancy services can vary from preventing malware within company networks to protecting intellectual property. But simply put, a cybersecurity consultant would assess existing system infrastructures for weaknesses. This is where it is important for such consultants to be equipped with the required expertise for the role. Ideally, an expert cybersecurity consultant would possess in-depth knowledge and experience in many areas including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, encryption techniques, programming, familiarity with coding practices and ethical hacking principles, etc. Of course, the skills extend beyond the technical capabilities. For example, sharp interpersonal skills are important when analyzing a company's vulnerability to social engineering attacks.

The process is followed by developing a plan to counter the security shortcomings, to ensure any unauthorized access or data modification is prevented. Here, the consultants would discuss with all relevant stakeholders in the company to gain a complete overview of the organization's security procedures and what needs to change.

Usually, recommendations are given by the consultants based on the existing best practices. The offered solutions. Proposed plans would include many considerations such as,

  • Better hardware

  • Upskilling existing IT department to handle security matters

  • Enacting amore comprehensive security policy across the organization

  • Budget allocation

  • Preventive actions to avoid future incidents

C-YBER can help you!

Whether its vulnerability assessment or penetration tests, C-YBER got you covered. But sometimes you might not be sure about what is missing from your company's cybersecurity. That is where you need to call in the experts to have a look. Just reach out to us with your requirements and our panel of experts will be happy to offer our cybersecurity consulting services.

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