" Although there is no guarantee that you will always be free from spyware, there are somethings you can do to seriously lower your risk. "
Penetration Testing

Our cybersecurity specialists will use the latest technological tools to penetrate your IT systems. Through this process, we are able to reveal imminent threats in your company's network infrastructure/ web app/ mobile app. We will then transform the technical findings into actionable steps to ensure the highest protection for your firm in the cyberspace.

Vulnerability Assessment

We will define, identify, classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in your computer systems, web applications and network infrastructures and provide your firm with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk background to understand the threats to your organization's environment and react appropriately.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs. C-YBER offers cutting-edge enterprise security solutions, such as network security and data security to guarantee that your company is protected in the cyberspace.

Content Removal

We help you by finding and removing negative search results, web pages and many other forms of unwanted content from source, search engines and social media.

Secure Source Code Review

Security code review is a method of assuring application developers are following secure development techniques. C-YBER's specialists will audit the source code for applications in order to verify whether or not proper security controls are present, and that they work as intended. With code review we will ensure that the application has the capabilities to defend itself in the given environment.

Secure Software Development

Secure Software development implements cybersecurity practices into the Web, Mobile, and Standalone Application Development process. Meaning that the delivered product will have enhanced security standards compared to a normal website/app etc. Secure Software Development is important because as the number of cyberattacks increases, the developed infrastructure requires more protection.

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All areas of cybersecurity

C-YBER's consulting services cover everything that you need to know in order to protect your company in the cyberspace.

Strategies that make sure you stay ahead

C-YBER's specialists will offer you invaluable insights that will yield the highest cybersecurity standards for you.

Hire a security consultant

C-YBER's security consultants will cater your every need and make sure that the best possible results are achieved.